The Energy Training Centre (hereinafter referred to as "EMC") is one of the largest training and certification institutions in Lithuania for the energy, construction and industrial sectors, providing training, qualification development, certification, laboratory, occupational health and safety and expert services.

EMC services include:


Continuing formal vocational and non-formal training. Nearly 300 training programmes, which are divided into the following groups:

  • Training for energy workers.
  • Training for high-rise and aerial workers.
  • Training for working with lifting equipment and hoists.
  • Training for working in wells.
  • Training for work in excavations.
  • Training in pressure vessels, boilers, pipelines.
  • Training in heating systems (heat management).
  • Training on chimneys, flues, ventilation systems.
  • Compressor training.
  • Training for refrigeration equipment.
  • Welding, metal cutting training.
  • Training in gas networks and systems.
  • Training in petroleum products systems.
  • Training in electrical networks and systems (electrical farm).
  • Training for working on the ESO electricity network.
  • Training in tree and shrub cutting and maintenance.
  • Training for construction workers.
  • Training in automotive gas equipment, service equipment.
  • Safety and health training for employees.
  • Compulsory training (first aid and hygiene skills).
  • Radiation safety training.


  • Certification of energy workers (electricity, heat, gas and oil sectors).
  • Qualification testing of welders and welding operators (metal, plastics and rebar).
  • Certification of civil engineers (assessment of professional knowledge: mechanical and electrical work).


  • Refresher courses (seminars) for energy workers.
  • Refresher courses (seminars) for construction professionals.


  • Certification of management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, etc.).
  • Process certification (EN ISO 3834).
  • Consultancy on the implementation and maintenance of management systems.
  • Preparation of documents for the withdrawal of the certificate of the State Energy Regulatory Council (VERT).


  • Physical testing of workplaces.
  • Leakage testing of buildings.
  • Laboratory testing of soils.
  • Energy performance certification.
  • Disruptive testing and testing of welds on metal and plastic products.


  • Exercise of the functions of the Occupational Safety and Health Service.
  • Occupational risk assessment.
  • Preparation of occupational health and safety and fire safety documentation.
  • Consultation on occupational safety and health issues.