Certification of construction specialists is mandatory for every person who wants to become a qualified construction engineer. During this certification, the person’s level of preparedness to manage main areas of technical construction activity is assessed and the right to carry out this activity is conferred. The specialists in this area are certified under the provisions of the Technical Construction Regulation STR 1.02.01:2017 The certification consists of a two-part examination: assessment of vocational knowledge (done by an authorised institution) and assessment of legal knowledge (done by "Statybos sektoriaus vystymo agentūra", VšĮ).

Construction work is divided into STANDARD and SPECIAL (Technical Construction Regulation STR 1.06.01:2016) construction works.

PB Training Centre of Energy Specialists is an authorised organisation, which, under the Procedural Description of the Certification of the Parties to the Construction and Acknowledging of the Rights (Technical Construction Regulation (STR 1.02.01:2017), is entitled to check the vocational knowledge of the parties involved in the SPECIAL construction works.

The Training Centre conducts the assessment of vocational knowledge of work manager and technical supervisor of special construction work in the following areas (under the Technical Construction Regulation STR 1.06.01:2016):

D1-679 Dėl Viešosios įstaigos Energetikų mokymo centro statybos techninės veiklos pagrindinių sričių vad... (lrs.lt)

Mechanical works:

  • installation of the heating grid;
  • installation of heat production facilities;
  • installation of structural heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineering systems;
  • installation of gas pipes;
  • installation of structural gas engineering systems.

Electrical engineering works:

  • installation of energy supply and distribution facilities;
  • installation of electricity grids;
  • installation of electric engineering systems;
  • installation of process management and automation systems;
  • installation of structural telecommunications systems;
  • installation of structural protective alarm engineering systems;
  • installation of structural protective alarm, fire safety engineering systems.

Construction works cannot be started without a project phase, which is usually subdivided into smaller phases:

According to the provisions of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, each construction project must include technical, engineering systems and networks or communication design solutions. The manager of each part of the construction project is responsible for these project areas.

Currently, the Training Centre may examine the managers for their vocational knowledge in the following areas (under STR 1.04.04:2017):

  • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning;
  • gas pipeline;
  • electrical engineering;
  • process management and automation;
  • heat production and supply.

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