The Training Centre has been providing training since 1964. The Training Centre gives further formal vocational and non-formal training and offers nearly 300 training programmes, divided into the following groups:

  • Training of energy specialists
  • Steeplejack training
  • Training on work with hoisting equipment and loaders
  • Training for work in wells
  • Training for work in excavation sites
  • Training for work with pressure vessels, boilers, pipework
  • Training on heating systems
  • Training on chimneys and ventilation systems
  • Training on work with compressors
  • Training on work with refrigeration equipment
  • Welding, metal cutting training
  • Training on gas networks and systems
  • Training on oil product systems
  • Training on the electricity grid and systems
  • Training on work on the ESO electricity grid
  • Training on tree and shrub cutting and care
  • Training of construction workers
  • Training on work with vehicle gas fuel systems and servicing equipment
  • Occupational safety and health training
  • Mandatory training (first aid and hygiene skills)
  • Radiation protection training

Training programmes may be specifically designed and adapted to meet the specifications of the particular enterprise. We can also organise training courses remotely. While every specialised energy training programme is coordinated with the organisations and/or associations representing the respective industry sector.

In our organisation, the training is conducted by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the areas they teach. These professionals continuously update their knowledge and remain fully engaged in the latest developments within the energy, construction, and industrial sectors.

More information:

Tel. +370 5 2374577