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Training / refresher training

  • Nearly 300 programmes of further formal vocational and non-formal training
  • Professional development courses (seminars) for energy specialists
  • Professional development courses (seminars) for construction specialists


  • Certification of energy specialists (in the sectors of electricity, heat, gas, and oil)
  • Assessment of qualification of welders and welding operators (metal, plastic, reinforcing bars)
  • Certification of construction engineers (assessment of vocational knowledge: mechanical and electrical work)
  • Certification of management systems


  • Physical investigation of workplaces
  • Testing of envelope airtightness
  • Laboratory testing of soil
  • Energy efficiency certification
  • Destructive testing and research of welding joints in metal and plastic products

Services for business

  • Carrying out the tasks of the Occupational Health and Safety Service
  • Occupational risk assessment.
  • Compiling the documentation of occupational safety and health; fire safety.
  • Compiling the documentation to secure certification for the enterprise's activities

Our clients

  • Užimtumo tarnyba
  • Energijos skirstymo operatorius AB
  • Linvelda UAB
  • Montuotojas AB
  • Constro
  • Tetas UAB
  • Žilinskis ir Ko
  • Labas GAS UAB
  • Vytrita
  • Ignitis gamyba
  • Ignitis grupė
  • Nord Steel
  • Axioma servisas
  • AVS PipeFit
  • Tilsta
  • VMG Service
  • Hollister Lietuva UAB
  • Biovela Utenos mesa
  • Caverion
  • Ksana
  • Orion Global PET
  • VERT
  • Mars Lietuva
  • Mažeikių šilumos tinklai
  • EnergoLT
  • Kaefer
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