The laboratory of PB Training Centre of Energy Specialists is certified under the requirements of the standard LST EN ISO/IEC 17025. The specialists at the laboratory work while adhering to the highest professional standard and constantly update their theoretical and practical skills.

The following testing and assessment is conducted in our laboratory:

  • hysical investigation of workplaces, where the factors and their exposure values to which the worker is being exposed are established.
  • Envelope airtightness testing, where the specific leakage points of a structure are established, testing protocols are provided, and, if a client insists, leakage points are pinpointed.
  • Building certification for energy efficiency, where each building assessed under the regulation is given an efficiency class from A to G and the respective certificate is awarded.
  • Laboratory testing of soil, where the main mechanical properties of soil are established.
  • Physical testing of metals, where it is established whether various structures or their elements are rigid, strong, and stable enough, and possess the necessary physical properties.

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